Pandere Shoe Review: Saturday Shoe vs Two Step

by Laura Oden January 02, 2022

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Jan 5, 2022

How to chose the shoe for you.

If you’ve stumbled across our newest shoe design called the Two Step you’re probably wondering, is there really any difference between the Saturday and the Two Step? It’s a perfectly reasonable question since the two styles look very similar.

I wear my Saturday Shoes every day to work. There is absolute comfort all day...

- Julie M.

The Saturday Shoe

The Saturday was our first effort in creating an Extra Wide version of the original Pandere shoe called the Barista. The Saturday was the third shoe design we made and it was launched Summer of 2019, just 6 months after we turned the website “on” and started taking orders.

Unlike the Barista, we made the Saturday on a men’s wide outsole (shoe bottom). The “last” is the form around which the shoe is made. We chose a men’s E last to give us a good default starting position to allow the shoe to get either bigger or smaller, depending on the customer’s needs.

This concept is completely unique to Pandere. There is no other shoe company that has as a goal of fitting feet that are two different volumes.

And why on earth would we even have that goal? Because foot swelling demands a larger delta of volume than a normal person without foot issues. When foot volume changes we wanted a shoe that could accommodate both larger and smaller foot volumes in the same shoe. (Who wan’ts to buy two pair of shoes to accommodate different size feet!?!)

There isn’t any measurement in the shoe industry for foot volume. All you get to work with is length and width. Pandere had to create this concept and measurement ourselves. Our concept has stood the test of time. We think we have the best fitting shoes in the market place for foot swelling or other anomalous foot shapes.

Two Step:
A Wider Toebox is just what I needed.

- Kathy R.

The Two Step is recommended for both WIDE and EXTRA WIDE customers.

FAQs on Saturday vs Two Step

Here are some FAQs about the Two Step and Saturday that might help you determine which is the shoe for you.

If the Saturday fits me well should I also consider the Two Step?

Absolutely! You should consider the Two Step if you are comfortable wearing the Saturday OR (surprise) the Barista!

If the Saturday didn’t fit me, does that mean that the Two Step won’t fit?

Not at all. If the Saturday didn’t fit, the best process is to give us your foot measurements and we can tell you if you’re likely to fit into the Two Step. Just because the Saturday didn’t work out for you, does not mean that the Two Step won’t work either. Try it! We think you’ll like it.

What is the best way to determine which size I should buy?

Let us size you! Easy peasy. We’ll send you an email with custom suggestions and sizes.

Are the laces longer in the Two Step?

Yes they are. This allows for more expansion in the midfoot area, which is where many people have swelling. If the laces are too long for your foot, just tuck the end piece into the laces to hold them flat against the shoe.

Does the Two Step have a wider shoe base?

Yes the bottom of the shoe is wider than the Saturday.

Will the Two Step accommodate a 4E or 5E foot volume?

There are a lot of women who wear a 4E shoe that should probably be fine in the Two Step. We still consider the Two Step an Extra Wide shoe. The Two Step is not an Extra Extra Wide shoe, which means that it will not fit a 5E volume or larger. Men that require a 4E width might find the Two Step still too tight. If you want to know for sure if your foot will fit into the Two Step, we would strongly encourage you to go through our sizing process. Grab a tape measure and take 4 foot measurements. We can Size you or you can Size Yourself.

What colors is the Saturday available in?

Saturday is available in Classic Black, Slate Grey. We have a few Moss and Glacier Blue left in a few sizes.

What colors is the Two Step available in?

The Two Step comes in Black and Glacier Blue

Which shoes are best for lymphedema or lipedema?

All of our shoes are designed to accommodate swelling. The big question with swelling is - how much swelling do you have? If you have foot swelling of any kind, we always recommend that you provide us with foot measurements before buying. If you are wearing a compression wrap system, be sure to take measurements while wearing the wraps.

Which shoes are best if I am wearing bandages daily?

Pandere shoes usually do not fit over bandages, unless you are bandaging without foam layers. The easiest way to determine if our shoes will accommodate your bandages is to provide foot measurements before buying. Be sure to take measurements while wearing your bandages.

Which shoes are best if I have very high instep?

All of our shoes age great for high insteps. All of our designs have built in stretch and expansion to accommodate a high instep.

Which shoes are best if I wear a brace?

So far, our best success with braces is the Two Step. That doesn’t mean your foot/brace won’t fit into a Saturday but braces can be very challenging, especially if there is foot swelling in addition. For braces, we always recommend that you provide us with foot measurements before buying. Measurements should be taken while wearing the brace for best results. It’s also very helpful to know the make/type of brace you are wearing.

Which shoes are best if I have neuropathy?

Neuropathy or other foot sensitivities can be really tough find a very comfortable shoe to fit. The Two Step is a no brainer for neuropathy or general sensitivity. It’s roomy and has additional cushion and the large expansion capacity means it can be made looser to find the perfect comfort.Text

Coming Soon! The Globetrotter

If you like the Two Step, you’re going to LOVE our new Globetrotter. We have done the same thing to the Rambler that we did to the Saturday. We’ve taken the Two Step concepts and re-engineered the Rambler. We think this will arrive sometime in March 2022.

Also, if you LOVE our Clog, we’ve got a delicious chocolate brown clog coming also sometime this spring.

Written by Laura Oden

Laura Oden is a Founder of Pandere Shoes and is the CEO. S

Laura Oden
Laura Oden


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