Everyone deserves hip shoes that fit.

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Everyone deserves comfortable shoes that fit.

our shoes

Everyone deserves supportive shoes that fit.

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Everyone deserves fun shoes that fit.

our shoes

The world's most stylish expandable shoe

Pandere was created because our founder Laura - and millions of people just like you - can't fit into regular shoes. Our shoes expand in places that other off-the-rack shoes don't. We imagine shoes differently, because everyone deserves hip shoes that fit.

Our unique design

Pandere shoes are all made in a comfort width. This is part of our unique design strategy. The shoes are designed to handle B, C, D and E widths. Better still, our shoes are designed to expand a full 1.5 sizes in width and volume. Our philosophy is to start wide, and accommodate wider. We are currently working on an extra wide width (E+) and will let everyone know as soon as that is available.

What people are saying about Pandere Shoes

“I have been following you all since your first article, I am going to cry from excitement!”

“These have been needed for years and years. Glad to see them come to market.“

“I’m on my feet all day, I need these!!”

“I have struggled for years to find shoes that will fit my swollen feet.”

“The NEO is absolutely adorable! I am sharing in Danish and English lymphedema groups and hope enough money is raised through Kickstarter.”

“Really excited to find shoes I can actually wear.”

We imagine shoes differently.

Pandere Shoes offer three-dimensional expansion, adjustability, support and style.