Men's & Extra Wide shoes available now!


Everyone deserves hip shoes that fit.


Everyone deserves fun shoes that fit.


Everyone deserves supportive shoes that fit.


43 million Americans can't fit into off-the-rack shoes.

We decided to do something about it.

Introducing Pandere, revolutionary comfort shoes for people with hard-to-fit feet. Our shoes expand up to three widths in one shoe, accommodating women with swollen feet due to a variety of health conditions. Crafted from high-quality leather and neoprene, our shoes are independently adjustable in three key areas: the toe box, midfoot and ankle.

Because everyone deserves hip shoes that fit.

What people are saying about Pandere Shoes

Excellent shoes- love the quality and the 7 yr old daughter with very very special feet is wearing them. She can wear very few shoes. Your shoes give me hope that she will have more choices as she grows up. Thank you for your work!

@pandereshoes are the first shoes ever made with Lymphedema patients in mind; really anyone that has foot swelling. They change from a normal size shoe up to an E in three places, so a person can have two different size feet and still wear the same pair. I have never owned a pair of shoes that fit both feet before......I think they are super stylish. I have a feeling I’ll wear them a lot.

“I just received my shoes, and they are so comfortable!! I love them! Thank you for your work to bring awesome shoes to those who can’t wear most regular shoes!"

I received my Pandere shoes over the weekend, pre-CDT, and filmed an unboxing video that I need to upload - spoiler alert: they're super comfy and accommodate my lymphie foot so well!

Our daughter was diagnosed w/ Lymphedema this year. I saw this company, @PandereShoes, had a Kickstarter going to make shoes that expand for Lymphedema patients/those with feet that swell. I donated & received a pair. Great job! Super comfortable!

I just received my shoes today and I am thrilled! Even got compliments from my daughter. They look and feel great and will be a big help while i condition myself for knee replacement in February!

This is the first time in 10 years that I'll be able to go through a Minnesota winter (whatever that might be this year) with a closed-heel shoe! I purchased both the Neo and Barista styles, and the Barista will be my new "outdoor" favorite this winter.....The shoes expand in just the right places, and my feet feel very cozy in them - a first since my bi-lateral lymphedema diagnosis.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for developing these shoes.

I really like the Barista style in this line. I'm always looking for comfortable, flat shoes that have kind of a funky style and these do the job for me. I'll add more to my closet with another color ties coming undone and multiple methods to customize the fit. I've never owned this kind of shoe before and look forward to more!

This is the shoe for the egalitarian, utilitarian, hipster in you. And they look very comfortable. In their own way, they are pretty stylish, in that hip, utilitarian, egalitarian way...... expect to wear them for a long time and show your street cred in doing so.


We released two new styles on April 30: the Bolero, our first-ever men's shoe, and the Saturday, a unisex shoe with a wider design.

Our unique design

Pandere shoes are all made in a comfort width. This is part of our unique design strategy. The shoes are designed to handle B, C, D and E widths. Better still, our shoes are designed to expand three width sizes in all the right places. Our philosophy is to start wide and accommodate wider.

The world's most stylish expandable shoe

Pandere was created because our founder Laura - and millions of people just like you - can't fit into regular shoes. Our shoes expand in places that other off-the-rack shoes don't. We imagine shoes differently, because everyone deserves hip shoes that fit.

Don't let swollen feet hold you back.

We know that being pregnant often means you are more active, not less. We have developed a shoe that adjusts throughout your pregnancy, expanding up to three width sizes. Fine European craftsmanship combines quality Nubuck leathers, stretchy and soft neoprene and recycled non-slip rubber bottoms.

Proud supporter of LE&RN

Pandere Shoes is a proud supporter of LE&RN (Lymphatic Education & Research Network), the leading lymphedema advocacy nonprofit. For every pair of shoes sold, we contribute $1 to LE&RN.