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Just 4 easy measurements!

45% of online shoppers buy the wrong size for their feet and have to return. Why not save yourself the trouble?

Our Fit Specialists know how to size UNIQUE FEET

How To Measure

1. Foot length - Measure from heel to longest toe

The easiest way to measure is to trace around your foot on a piece of paper. Then measure the distance between the heel to the place on the page where your longest toe ends.

  • If you are wearing any daily device or garment (examples: a brace or wraps) you’ll need to measure while wearing your item
  • Don’t add any additional length for room. We add the extra room on our end.

2. Circumference of the ball of your foot (NOTE: Do Not Measure the width on the piece of paper)

The ball of your foot is at the base of your toes (where your toes meet instep). It’s the same area that has the padding on the bottom of your foot. We are looking for the widest measurement in this vicinity.

3. Circumference of the instep

The instep is in the middle of your foot. This where many people have difficulty fitting into traditional shoe sizes. You might have swelling on the top of your foot or just a high instep.

4. Circumference of ankle

We are looking for the measurement near your ankle. If you have lower leg swelling that interferes with putting shoes on (overhang) or if you are wearing a brace or any other device that takes up space in the ankle area, please let us know.


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