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Neo Shoe

Neo Shoe


What size do I wear? This style is available in Women's sizes only.

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We’ve worked tirelessly and endlessly to bring the most stylish, comfortable shoes to help you get back not only your confidence and style, but also your life!

All of our shoes are made in Portugal, where there is a long history of European craftsmanship. Our shoes expand three width sizes. For our customers who have two different foot sizes, we have created a bungee system that allows each shoe to expand or tighten up as needed. With Pandere, one pair of shoes fits two differently shaped feet!

"It feels like my foot is getting a hug," says one Neo customer.

  • The Neo is named for its stretchy, soft neoprene material. This shoe is constructed to expand or tighten up as needed using high-quality leather straps around the midfoot.
  • This ankle high shoe creates a natural compression that truly feels like your foot is getting a hug.
  • The inside of these shoes are seamless! No uncomfortable rubbing or catches.
  • Our outsole (foot bottom) is a stylish, durable leather/PU bottom, providing stability and durability.
  • Our insole (foot bed) is high quality and comfortable. It is removable for those who have special insole needs.

For our Canadian customers - Additional duty/taxes will be due upon delivery.
Pandere does not offer free shipping to Canada at this time. (We wish we could!) Shipping options will appear on the checkout page. Shoes will ship through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and we will complete a Customs Declaration Form for shipping. USPS will collect duty and taxes from you directly.

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