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Our new classic mens' style! The Bolero offers expansion in the midfoot and toe-box, with adjustments on the heel. It accommodates many different foot needs, including swelling. Soft, stretchy neoprene inside, and a durable leather upper allows for 360 degrees of expansion with a supportive frame. Quality, removable insole with great arch support. Non-slip rubber bottoms. Available now!


The Saturday is our wider unisex shoe! Offered in both men and women's sizes, the Saturday offers stretchy neoprene and durable Nubuck leather to allow for needed expansion. The Saturday is made on a wider last and bottom for a roomier toe-box and midfoot and features a quality, removable insole with great arch support and recycled, non-slip rubber bottoms. Available now!


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No two feet are alike.

Pandere shoes accommodate swelling and other foot conditions. Our patent pending design allows expansion up to an E width. The unanchored toe box and ankle expansion make our shoes perfect for those who can't fit into off the rack shoes. 

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Half sizes: We don't offer half sizes at this time. If you have swelling or any other medical condition, we recommend you round a size up. For example, if you normally wear an 8.5, order a 9. 

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