What is your return policy? 

We want you to be happy with your new shoes. If they don’t work for you, request a return label within 30 days of receiving your shoes. We offer free exchanges and pay shipping in both directions. Shoes must be unworn to get a refund. We cannot replace shoes that are worn at this time. Here is a link to our return policy and to request a return label. https://www.pandereshoes.com/pages/returns

 How long do they take to ship? 

Our shoes are warehoused in St. Louis, MO. Average shipping time is 2-3 days to most places in the US. Orders placed after 10 am EST on Friday or over the weekend will be shipped out the following Monday.

 How do I know what shoe size to buy? 

Use our Size Finder! Take 4 foot measurements and we'll recommend a size. You can chat with a fit specialist to find your perfect fit! You can chat by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen or you can email us at hello@pandereshoes.com. Whether you are looking for edema shoes, pregnancy shoes, shoes for swollen feet, shoes for wide feet, or just a really comfortable pair of shoes, we're here to help!

All of our designs expand in volume to accommodate swelling and other medical conditions making them highly adjustable shoes for swollen feet. For mild swelling, check out our wide collection. For moderate or more substantial swelling, check out our extra wide collection. Our shoes are also great for people who do not have any medical conditions! Everyone needs a comfortable pair of shoes, right?

 What if I wear a half size? 

We are not able to offer half sizes yet but our shoes are very accommodating and we find that only a small number of people return because a half size is not offered. We generally advise to size up for the Wide collection. If you’re looking at the Extra Wide collection, we advise that you size down if you are buying a women’s size and size up if you are buying a men’s size. If you aren’t sure which size to get - chat with a fit specialist. Here is a breakdown:


My feet are two different sizes. Can I buy shoes separately? 

We are not able to offer split sizes (2 shoes of different lengths). However, as we create shoes for swollen feet, they are designed to expand in volume, unlike any other shoe company. Therefore, if you typically buy two different sized shoes due to swelling, or width difference, once size may work for you. You can tighten or loosen the shoes with the no-tie toggle systems. 

For many people, this solves the problem of needing two different sizes and you’ll only need to buy one pair of shoes. This is one of the best features of Pandere shoes. We call it our superpower!

Will Pandere shoes fit over bandages or wraps

Our shoes are designed to accommodate swollen feet and compression garments. Sometimes they can accommodate lymphedema bandages if you're using thinner foam or using less layers. Our shoes do fit some wraps making  Use our Size Finder and we will give you a recommendation.

Do the shoes have removable insoles

Yes, the insoles closed toe shoes have a removable footbed and can be replaced with a custom orthotic or other commercial orthotics. Our sandals do not have removable insoles.

I have severe swelling. Will these shoes work for me

If you have very swollen feet, it's important to provide us with measurements. We can usually tell you in advance if your volume is too great for our current styles. Chat with a Fit Specialist. 

I have a bunion. Will these shoes work for me

In many cases, yes. For more pronounced bunions, we suggest the Rodeo (regular to wide for women) or the Rambler (wide to extra wide for either men or women).

I wear a brace. Will these shoes work for me

In many cases, yes. Braces take up a lot of room so you’ll want to size up in both width and length. Use our Size Finder to find out if our shoes will accommodate your brace. Be sure and take measurements while wearing the brace. Check out the reviews on each product from other customers who wear braces.

I have hammer toe. Will these shoes work for me

Yes, our shoes are a great option for swollen toe treatment and work well for hammertoe and other toe issues. The materials are made of soft leather and stretchy neoprene to allow for stretch in the toe-box and midfoot. We recommend our extra wide collection for hammer toe as they have a deeper toe box than our wide collection.