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Why types of medical conditions are your shoes designed for?

Pandere shoes are made for people who don’t fit into off-the-rack shoes. Our customers have many medical conditions or just want a comfortable pair of shoes. Pandere shoes are great for lymphedema (or any swelling), diabetes, bunions, venous insufficiency, injury, arthritis, pregnancy and a host of other problems. They allow for expansion to accommodate “unique feet” like moms-to-be, folks who work long hours, and travelers.

Do the shoes have removable insoles?

Yes. Insoles can be replaced with custom orthotics or any other preferred commercial insole.

What if I only need expansion in one area?

Our patented design features neoprene and adjustable lace toggles, allowing you to expand the shoe in only the needed areas, while the rest of the shoe remain snug on your foot.

Some days my feet swell more than others. Can I adjust the amount of expansion in the shoes as needed?

Yes! Our shoes expand up to one-and-half sizes in width and volume, but tighten back up with adjustable toggles when minimal expansion is needed.

I have wide feet. Are Pandere shoes a good option for me?

Absolutely. In fact, Pandere shoes were designed with you in mind! Our shoes are all made in a comfort width and are designed to handle B, C, D and E widths. Better still, our shoes are designed to expand a full one-and-a-half sizes in width and volume. Our philosophy is to start wide and accommodate wider. We are currently working on an extra wide width (E+).

How do I know what shoe size to buy?

Our unique, patented design makes our shoes different. They expand where your feet expand: over the midfoot, around the ankle, and in the toe box. They can accommodate up to an E width comfortably. We don't offer half-sizes yet. If you typically buy a half-size, we recommend that for moderate to significant swelling you lean toward the larger size. (Our cofounder Laura normally buys an 8.5, but she has a lot of swelling over her midfoot and wears a size 9 in our shoes.)
If you have minimal swelling, lean toward the smaller size. Our shoes are roomy, especially in the toebox area. If you have questions about which size to choose, feel free to email us!

Will Pandere shoes fit over bandages or wraps?

The Neo and the Barista are both designed to work well with compression garments and wide feet (up to E width). If you want to wear the shoe over wraps, we recommend that you buy the Neo shoe one size larger than your regular foot size. This works in many cases, but not every case of bandaging will work with our Neo style.

I have a prescription for orthopedic shoes. Can Pandere bill my insurance company or Medicare?

No, unfortunately Pandere shoes are not covered by insurance at this time.

My feet are two different sizes. Can I buy shoes separately?

Our shoes are designed to expand up to one-and-a-half sizes in width and volume, meaning you only need to buy one pair of shoes! This is one of the best features of Pandere shoes!

What is your return policy?

We want you to be happy with your new shoes! If they don’t work for you, return unworn shoes still in the box within 14 days for a different size or a full refund. We cannot replace shoes that are worn at this time. All shipping for replacement pairs is free.

Are there any stores that carry your shoes?

Right now, our shoes are only available online, but we hope to expand to retail stores in the near future.

Will you be adding more styles and colors?

Yes, we are working on new styles and colors all the time and have plans to unveil an exciting new shoe soon. To keep up-to-date on our progress, sign up for our mailing list or follow us on social media.

Will you be offering your shoes in men’s sizes?

We hope to design a men’s shoe in the not-too-distant future. To keep up to date on our progress, sign up for our mailing list or follow us on social media.

I don’t need adjustable shoes. Can someone just looking for a stylish, comfortable shoe wear your shoes?

Definitely. Pandere shoes work for anyone who wants a hip, comfy shoe!